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I fell in love with the pigeon racing sport from way back. My team of pigeon athletes is more like an extension of my family. They are very well pampered. haha. I will write more of my sport next time. Hopefully I can promote my club, The Philippine Pigeon Racing Association, Inc. (PPRA), and for others to understand why most “sabungeros” shift to this fancy. It’s not for the faint heart and shallow pockets. haha. Cheers!!!


The Philippine Pigeon Racing Association, Inc.

The Philippine Pigeon Racing Association, Inc.

PPRA History

Pigeon Racing in Laguna has come a long way from its infant years. Fanciers have transformed from being simple native-pigeon flyers, then into street-fight racers, and ultimately becoming full-pledged pigeon racing sportsmen.

 Laguna fanciers have marveled from sanctioned races by the Philippine Homing Pigeon Association (PHA), Racing Pigeon Association of the Philippines (RPAP), Pigeon Sportsmen of the Philippines (PSP), and the National Racing Pigeon Club (NRPC) through the years and matured to become competitive enthusiasts that clock race birds from the farthest races possible.

But then, probably too long that clubs were established, disbanded, revived, and probably be disbanded again for Sheer Lack of Maturity in Leadership Skills.

Handling pigeon organizations has always been a test of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Most have failed consistently in all three aspects, and should History be correct, will always be a Gloomy Figure in every fancier’s mind. Most are opportunists and tend to go a different direction after indulging on easy money.

 Then again, there would always be people willing to sacrifice time and effort, and risk their little money to establish an organization that will serve the common fancier and strive for the betterment of the sport.

27th April. Palingon Calamba City. After months of disgruntle by reversed rules lavished by ulterior motives in their former club, the last straw that broke the camel’s back came from an inquest bearing malicious intent from the same fellow fancier that is single-handedly manipulating the organization. This led Riz Pedoc, Marlon Palis, and Jhay Urbano to establish an organization that is fair and just: The Philippine Pigeon Racing Association, Inc. (PPRA). A far cry from what was left from their former club.

 Driven with the purpose of strengthening the bond of pigeon racing sportsmen in the provincial areas and set not only to promote fair, honest, and credible races, but also use this organization as a vehicle to assist, instruct, and together discover with old and new fanciers in the advancement of the sport, thus making the whole experience of pigeon racing more meaningful and fruitful.

PPRA will be tried and tested in the coming years and staying steadfast to its core values, God Willing, will set it apart from others.

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